• Will I see all the photographs taken?

    Essentially the answer is yes, however we do remove the duplicates, exposure tests, poor expressions, closed eyes and any wobblers! Once we have edited the photographs and optimised each one and added Neil’s art they will go online to view either with or without a password as per the clients preference. Your wedding photographs are usually ready to view by the time you come back from your honeymoon and sometimes sooner.

  • How long will it take to get my finished album?

    We aim to have your completed album sent to you (usually by courier) within 3 weeks from the date you approve your album preview online. If you opt for a disk only collection this can be compiled usually within a few days.

  • How many photographers will there be on the day?

    We work as a husband and wife team.  Neil takes the photographs and Mairi  assists  Neil and very often, the happy couple to ensure things run smoothly photographically and everything looks great with the minimum of fuss and no time wasted.  Neil has worked in the past with more than one photographer, however, we found that the one photographer approach was definitely less intrusive and wedding guests were more relaxed in our company.

    While Neil does not produce the sometimes “thousands”  of photographs we have heard that some photographers offer, Neil generally produces several hundred meaningful images which capture all the essence and atmosphere of the wedding day and is always rewarded with a delighted response from his clients; who say that they find it difficult to choose from the fantastic memories that Neil has captured of their special day.

  • How early do you come on the day?

    We work our timings from approximately 90 minutes or so before the ceremony time (sometime as little as 30 minutes) depending on your personal preference. We find if we are covering bride and sometimes grooms party getting ready that this is just the right time to catch the final preparations without being intrusive. Arrival time can be fairly flexible as every client has their individual thoughts on this as can be expected.

  • Do you offer an online viewing service?

    Yes we do. You can choose to have your gallery password protected or as a public gallery (no password required). Click on the Online Viewing button and have a look. This is also a worldwide online ordering service and the option of making payment securely through Paypal is available.

  • Do you require a booking fee?

    Yes a booking fee is required (currently (£400.00) and this is deducted from whichever photography service you finally decide upon.

  • When is my balance due?

    Your final balance is due two weeks before your wedding date and can be paid by cheque, switch, Maestro or debit card. We also accept credit card payments but they will incur a 2% charge.

  • Can I have high resolution images on a disk?

    We offer a disk only package of fully finished high resolution ready to print (to wall size if you like)  or you can  purchase a copyright free disk in conjunction with an album package at a much reduced price.

  • What if something happens to you?

    Neil is a qualified member of the Master Photographers Association and if a member falls ill a request is sent out to the other members to see if the wedding can be covered.

  • How many group photographs would you recommend we have?

    It’s really up to you as it’s just a matter of time. Most couples will have a list of  around 6-8 groups as they prefer the more relaxed reportage images of guests while they mingle during the drinks reception and also while they are unaware during the speeches for example but if you want more formal groups it’s not a problem as long as you allow the time as finding or extricating guests from the party atmosphere for formal groups is more time consuming than actually taking the photographs. We can give you tips nearer the date of your wedding to help you speed things up.

  • I hate getting my photograph taken, what should I do?

    Don’t worry most of our couples will tell us this and end up really enjoying the experience on the day, probably because we keep it all natural and relaxed and there’s nothing cheesy. You can also have a pre-wedding portrait session (engagement sitting) to help you too – and it’s free!

  • Can my guests order additional photographs from you?

    Yes. Your guests can go online and order using PayPal or they can contact us directly and pay using their preferred method.

  • How much time will you need on the day?

    Again this is up to you. You can have as little or as much time as you need, but as a rough guide I would allow 1/2 hour for the Bride & Groom photographs (some couples prefer 10 minutes max and some want more than 30 mins) – it is really up to you because we know we will get you great results whatever you decide! We suggest about 15 – 30 minutes for your required groups depending on the amount and size of the groups.

  • Do I have a choice of Wedding album?

    Yes we offer a wide selection of album covers from a variety of album makers  and countries. We offer digital coffee table book style albums and conventional style albums using photographs and overlays along with guest/parent albums too.

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